Male - 22 years old

I don't know how to feel about actually looking like my girl's ex. Is this jealousy? So recently I bumped on my girlfriend's ex pictures and seriously the guy look much like me. The height, styles like me. If this is all about my insecurities, is this not just worth talking about? We...

Female - 29 years old

Me and my husband have been married for 6 years together for 10. We have 2 girls together. Embarrassed to say but we havent been intimate with each other since my youngest was concieved that was almost 2 years ago and was the last time. He just doesnt seem interested in me. And no hes not cheatin...

Female - 21 years old

I’m 21 years old, and I feel I should have a relationship that the guy will be giving me money and stuffs I need. But unfortunately I do find myself in a relationship of committing. I struggle with a guy and later they don’t appreciate.

Male - 19 years old

What are the consequences of falling inlove with someone who dont love you back? How do you cope dealing with them? I dont really know what to do no more, seems I'm literally the only one sacrificing all it takes to get rhings working for us. I dont even know how to feel no more.

Male - 25 years old

⁣This is how it works out there. *You like a guy cos he got money or materials to show. (Good life Huh?) *The guy is plainly aware you're in just for the money. *Lust, then she get attached. *The guy would be carefree from day 1 cos they're probably not the first guy or just got...

Female - 25 years old

⁣A girl that even know her worth will give you her body as the last thing. Because Everytime you spend with her, you're refreshed because of what he has inside of her. What she carries and who she is. ⁣Her attention will will be so worth it to you that you won't want any man to take her away...

Female - 25 years old

⁣Okay now that we've gotten to this point. I think the reason for relationship differs depending on whose Involved. For instance, the type of girls that date yahoo boys for flashy things are using sex as a price tag But there are girls who won't sleep with you no matter what you offer them....

Female - 26 years old

⁣Is the work life supposed to be all fantastic without issues with co workers, bosses and surbordinates ? 😫 What if there's chaos, would you then say it's not a fantastic work-life? 😕 I'm asking this question because it's issues that usually make people to leave their jobs right? 😔...

Male - 39 years old

⁣Sometimes I wonder what it feels like being a male. Wooing a lady and she doing shakara. Having to be the one to pay for the food and drink at the restauran Paying her bills And what other challenges do men face in the hands of we ladies?

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