Female - 28 years old

⁣I know the past few months haven’t been the best for us but then I have come to realize dat u love me and you only feel d way u feel now because I was been childish bout wat went wrong between us and I am deeply sorry about it.dat was d only way I knew how to handle d issue ..the truth now is that...

Female - 26 years old

⁣90kg down to 65kg, just a year Nd dat wld hav happened with support making it seem easier but den some people just deserve the worst they pick for themselves ..you can’t blame em.

Female - 22 years old

⁣I wish I love food like lots of people do. I don’t look forward to eating, I regard it a duty. You know, you’re hungry you eat - but ‘enjoy’? Nah. Can I just ‘drink’ my food instead of chewing - because chewing is too much stress. Am I the only one who sees food this way?

Female - 31 years old

⁣I've been feeling so lonely. I want this a lot because I want connection. I want to be held and someone who understand me. I think I need physical touch, like a hug and cuddle. I've been online dating for a while now, but I have noticed a cycle. I will feel really bored or down and then download a...

Female - 19 years old

⁣It hurts to feel unwanted in the line of love. I love him but he keeps reminding me that he's not ready for a serious relationship so today been the last Saturday of this ending month, am letting the feelings die and try to be comfortable with been just friends.. I want to say lot that I can't...

Male - 20 years old

⁣Am addicted to drink liquor, each time am depressed even thought I have people to talk to l don't know what to do and I really wanna stop taking it, it has always been long and bumpy road for years now. really wanna stop. 😭

Female - 18 years old

⁣Who else out there is scared of relationship? Am I currently the only one? The thing is that the rate of immortality and lousy living is becoming too alarming and you don't know the next person you wanna date is like. I just got this trust issues with relationship.

Female - 32 years old

⁣It’s all conditioned inferiority or low self esteem that causes men to be so.... You can’t be naturally dominant, if you expect other people to lower themselves for you to be. Women appear to carry more natural dominance, because of how intimidated and threatened men are when we choose to no...

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