Male - 31 years old

⁣Can't pressure more as this Beirut port was the monetary life line to Lebanon as its for the most part subject to its imports. This would have dependable effects as it might bring lack of food and monetary breakdown in the midst of previously crumbling economy. Can hardly imagine how in the cent...

Male - 26 years old

⁣It's Funny How Laycon was criticized at the beginnings of the introductory show.. From the Electric Man to Aristotle.. It's almost impossible to change a Nigerian first impression but he did.. A King I Stan #BBNaija #bbnaijialockdown #bbnaijalockdown | Brighto

Female - 27 years old

⁣I've always considered myself a super feminist. My activism was one of the most significant parts of my Berkeley acceptance, and I've always imagined a future where 'd marry some pushover guy and have him stay at home with our kids all day while I went out and kicked ass. Until I got serious w...

Not-Binary - 29 years old

⁣I want to join in those group chats. Just in case there are some lit Whatsapp Groups out there you can add me into. 😋😋😋😋😋 The last time I checked I was above the normal age rate, so I got no issue about my dad. He traveled, no flogging is gonna be involved.

Male - 28 years old

⁣Believe me, I think I like Lilo of Big Brother Naija.

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