Male - 19 years old

What are the consequences of falling inlove with someone who dont love you back? How do you cope dealing with them? I dont really know what to do no more, seems I'm literally the only one sacrificing all it takes to get rhings working for us. I dont even know how to feel no more.

Male - 23 years old

⁣At some point when I was a kid, from time to time I would sneak cash into my mom's wallet. Growing up I was constantly told we were tight on cash however my mom gave me all that I could need, and all the more significantly should be fruitful in school and life when all is said in done. I generally...

Female - 25 years old

⁣I live in a Motel, and I feel like anyone looks down on me for that. I can't help my circumstances right now. But I just wish I could feel like a normal person for once. Please dont make people feel down on themselves even despite the fact that they like their current phase of life..... I hop...

Male - 22 years old

⁣Over the last few months, I've been too embarrassed to admit to anyone, including those closest to me, that I've sunken into depression. I've been doing my best to keep it together because I don't want to disappoint anyone. But the truth is that whenever I'm alone these days, I break down...

Male - 19 years old

⁣Just because we don’t speak same language, have the skin color, think like me, you don't have the same hair doesn’t make me inferior to you. I breathe just like you.

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