Male - 22 years old

I don't know how to feel about actually looking like my girl's ex. Is this jealousy? So recently I bumped on my girlfriend's ex pictures and seriously the guy look much like me. The height, styles like me. If this is all about my insecurities, is this not just worth talking about? We...

Male - 19 years old

Grant everyone the choice of doubt. Nothing good comes easily, so everyone is free to decide either to leave or stay. Rome wasn't built in a day. Together you can change the world, no one is entitled to your happiness unless you're paying for it. Be ready to learn and be ready to make a pos...

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Male - 19 years old

What are the consequences of falling inlove with someone who dont love you back? How do you cope dealing with them? I dont really know what to do no more, seems I'm literally the only one sacrificing all it takes to get rhings working for us. I dont even know how to feel no more.

Male - 25 years old

⁣This is how it works out there. *You like a guy cos he got money or materials to show. (Good life Huh?) *The guy is plainly aware you're in just for the money. *Lust, then she get attached. *The guy would be carefree from day 1 cos they're probably not the first guy or just got...

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Male - 39 years old

⁣Sometimes I wonder what it feels like being a male. Wooing a lady and she doing shakara. Having to be the one to pay for the food and drink at the restauran Paying her bills And what other challenges do men face in the hands of we ladies?

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Male - 52 years old

⁣As a child, I sometimes liked to do "secret phone pranks". Most times these pranks were totally not so good. I would pick up a random phone number and wisper I love you into the phone while the other person would be there repeating "Hey?? Who is that?? Who do you want to speak with" until they wo...

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Male - 23 years old

⁣At some point when I was a kid, from time to time I would sneak cash into my mom's wallet. Growing up I was constantly told we were tight on cash however my mom gave me all that I could need, and all the more significantly should be fruitful in school and life when all is said in done. I generally...

Male - 31 years old

⁣Can't pressure more as this Beirut port was the monetary life line to Lebanon as its for the most part subject to its imports. This would have dependable effects as it might bring lack of food and monetary breakdown in the midst of previously crumbling economy. Can hardly imagine how in the cent...

Male - 26 years old

⁣It's Funny How Laycon was criticized at the beginnings of the introductory show.. From the Electric Man to Aristotle.. It's almost impossible to change a Nigerian first impression but he did.. A King I Stan #BBNaija #bbnaijialockdown #bbnaijalockdown | Brighto

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