Female - 28 years old

⁣I know the past few months haven’t been the best for us but then I have come to realize dat u love me and you only feel d way u feel now because I was been childish bout wat went wrong between us and I am deeply sorry about it.dat was d only way I knew how to handle d issue ..the truth now is that I love u and I mean it and I hope Nd wish u can just express ur feelings towards me as love because I promise dat I won’t take ur love for granted .i won’t stress or bug u or disturb u from doing all you wish to do in life but I just want to be with you on this journey please...I promise everything dat happened I won’t mk mention of it anymore ,I just want to better around you and u better around me .I want us to continue staying positive about everything life has to offer ....I love you and I mean it just make me realize u love me too Nd I promise I won’t Mk reference to watever has happened in the past ...to my EMOJI



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