I've been married to my wife for 6years, and we have 2 lovely kids. My wife carries much of the family responsibilities because she does so well than me financially, not because I am lazy but just how it is. We never had monetary issues because my wife is extremely supportive, she does more than 80% family responsibilities. Recently, I was looking for a particular do***ent to take along for a job interview, but while I was searching, I found a strange hidden file on the upper part of the wardrobe. Curiously, I opened it but to my surprise, it contained do***ents pf properties my wife has in her name, I was extremely angry because those three properties and investments were properties and investments and everything was in her name, She could have used my name or attach that of our kids but No, She was so selfish to have used her name and that of her father's name as her surname in those do***ents. I confronted her but she never gave a considerable reason to have been that selfish. She said whatever I saw belongs to her and she has the the right to do whatever she likes regardless. I feel this woman is evil, I feel she has actually been pretending and I'm angry and ready to take a drastic step.

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Caringmine Thansk my sister, those are the questions she deserve to be asked. 🥱
1 year ago
Governess Ok sir, What drastic steps exactly? Divorce? come off it. Have you been totally faithful to her? women have the ability to read like a book any man they're into.
1 year ago

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